Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its a Beautiful Morning

Its a Beautiful Morning , this morning glory is painted in Oils and Brilliantly glows
with the sun of the new day. This painting is available for sale. Please contact me
at my email address. The size is 27"x60" on stretched canvas,
wrapped around frame , painted edges and ready to hang in your home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tropical Canna Leaf

The Tropical Canna Leaf painting is one in my Oil Painting Collections. The painting is in large format of 24x48"and painted on a wood panel. This painting is still available for purchase. Please contact me if you are interested.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Great Day for a Painting

Jan 20, 2009
Today the power of a Dream exists.
It’s an amazing circumstance . I being an American have felt the hurt and pain of the country. Here in the face of my grand baby ,is the Future we have to build for, believe in . Let us go as one in love , and believe things can change. So HE can live in a prosperous world.
On this day the inauguration of our new President- Barack Obama . Let us reflect on this amazing and pivotal time in our nation and in our global history. May we be awed by the fact that our 44th president will pledge his oath of office on a bible that was last used in 1861 by another visionary: Abraham Lincoln.
Rosa Parks sat .....
So that Martin Luther King Jr. could march, Martin Luther King Jr. marched ............. So that Barack Obama could run............. Barack Obama ran .................... So that our children and future generations could
Thank you all.

It’s a great day in our country.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cardoon Thistle

"The Cardoon Thistle" This is a lovely oil painting that I had done awhile back. The colors are so rich and intense. The size is 24"x 36". This original painting is Sold. I have prints on stretched canvas available
for $350.

A Daily Painting

A New Day. A new birth an awakening to a new life as though yesterday was some kind of a dream and the spiritual realm was talking to me making me into the person I need wanted be. Today in this painting , I represent the morning sun as it comes forth between the trees creating a better day. A new world , for all of us, the time has come.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Autumn Sunflower

This is one of my Sunflower paintings, the sunflower is one of my favorite flowers. This painting is from a photograph I had taken. I decided to paint this flower in rusty oranges and yellows. Look closely to see the texture I added to the seed head and the peddles. This painting is sold.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tree Mural

Wall Mural in Chiropractors office.

The tree of life that will hang photos of the clients on the branches. The tree is painted in acrylics, as I do most of my wall murals in. The size is 8ftx12ft. Contact me on pricing of murals because all paintings differ in size and complexity.


Don another great Sax player in the Truth & Jazz Orchestra.
Here I painted warm colors to express the playing of the individual. Painted on a wood
panel the texture of the painting is evident. I am painting all the men in the band
and each one sells the minute I am finished! These musicians in this band are exquisite.

Keep your eyes open for more great paintings coming up.

Tom the Sax player

Tom the Sax player. Here is another painting of the great Orchestra, "Truth in Jazz".
The 16 piece orchestra that plays at a great local bar every other Tuesday night.

This painting is done in Oils and painted on a wood panel. The colors are rich and bold.
Sorry this original is sold but you can purchase prints for $ 40 each.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Dan Jacobs the great Trumpet player is here in full colors, with all the intensity of his playing.

His name is included on the list of "AMERICAN JAZZ TRUMPETERS," and he has toured extensively in Asia, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the United States, performing on the world stage with big bands, jazz combos and public touring acts since 1966. The list of performers he has played with is to long to include but here's a few does Woody Herman , Bob James, Linda Rondstadt , Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra Jr., Mel Torme' sound familiar to you? I am honored to have painted this great Trumpet player and also to be his friend.
He said , "I believe that artists are arguably the most valuable people on this earth. For they seek to inject the culture with all the art, beauty , aesthetics you find on this planet. Without the working artist , the world would not be as livable , and I am proud to be counted as one of them." ( quote)
Painted in Oils the original is for sale and prints available $40 each.


JAZZ~ The paintings keep me inspired.
Dave the Trombone player and leader of the
great 16 piece band. A great bunch of guys.
I love to go listen to them play.
The painting speaks for itself. Painted in oil on
wood board . 24x24 this painting is for sale , also prints are available. $40 each.


JAZZ~ The Bass Player. In glorious colors to suit his excellent playing. The painting in beautiful glossy oils and rich warm reds to bring out the bass. This painted on wood board and a overlay of texture that I painted on to give it that dimensional quality
Size is 24x24 . The original painting is sold. I do have prints available on request. Cost of $40 .

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I visit a small town bar where there is this AWESOME Jazz Orchestra consisting of 16 members. They play there every other week . I LOVE their music, its mostly Big Band. The drummer is one of the best and most fantastic musicians I have ever heard. And loves to throw in a solo,or two.

Tim not only performs locally, but also tours internationally with the Western Jazz Quartet, performing throughout the Americas. Europe and Asia. Mr. Froncek is musical director with two ot the mid-west's premier big bands, the Muskegon based Orchestra " Truth in Jazz Orchestra" and the newly reorganized Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra and he directs the jazz program at Blue Lake Summer Festival. He is an affiliate professor at Grand Valley State University and teaches on the Jazz Studies faculty at Western Michigan University. In fact , Tim has taught at every major university in the state of Michigan.

I was so moved when hearing them play I created this series of paintings. The style I painted in was also new for me, I added more movement, color, and had feeling for the music.
The painting is done is rich, luscious oils and varnishes. Painted on a birch plywood base , then coated with a heavy textured paste to give it a dimensional quality. Then the surface is coated with a gesso and the oils can begin. The size is 24"X24" . Sorry but this original was sold instantly. I do have prints you can purchase for $40 . I am working on painting all the members of the group. So keep your eyes open for more.