Monday, January 5, 2009


Dan Jacobs the great Trumpet player is here in full colors, with all the intensity of his playing.

His name is included on the list of "AMERICAN JAZZ TRUMPETERS," and he has toured extensively in Asia, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the United States, performing on the world stage with big bands, jazz combos and public touring acts since 1966. The list of performers he has played with is to long to include but here's a few does Woody Herman , Bob James, Linda Rondstadt , Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra Jr., Mel Torme' sound familiar to you? I am honored to have painted this great Trumpet player and also to be his friend.
He said , "I believe that artists are arguably the most valuable people on this earth. For they seek to inject the culture with all the art, beauty , aesthetics you find on this planet. Without the working artist , the world would not be as livable , and I am proud to be counted as one of them." ( quote)
Painted in Oils the original is for sale and prints available $40 each.


JAZZ~ The paintings keep me inspired.
Dave the Trombone player and leader of the
great 16 piece band. A great bunch of guys.
I love to go listen to them play.
The painting speaks for itself. Painted in oil on
wood board . 24x24 this painting is for sale , also prints are available. $40 each.


JAZZ~ The Bass Player. In glorious colors to suit his excellent playing. The painting in beautiful glossy oils and rich warm reds to bring out the bass. This painted on wood board and a overlay of texture that I painted on to give it that dimensional quality
Size is 24x24 . The original painting is sold. I do have prints available on request. Cost of $40 .