Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tree Mural

Wall Mural in Chiropractors office.

The tree of life that will hang photos of the clients on the branches. The tree is painted in acrylics, as I do most of my wall murals in. The size is 8ftx12ft. Contact me on pricing of murals because all paintings differ in size and complexity.


Don another great Sax player in the Truth & Jazz Orchestra.
Here I painted warm colors to express the playing of the individual. Painted on a wood
panel the texture of the painting is evident. I am painting all the men in the band
and each one sells the minute I am finished! These musicians in this band are exquisite.

Keep your eyes open for more great paintings coming up.

Tom the Sax player

Tom the Sax player. Here is another painting of the great Orchestra, "Truth in Jazz".
The 16 piece orchestra that plays at a great local bar every other Tuesday night.

This painting is done in Oils and painted on a wood panel. The colors are rich and bold.
Sorry this original is sold but you can purchase prints for $ 40 each.