Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Great Day for a Painting

Jan 20, 2009
Today the power of a Dream exists.
It’s an amazing circumstance . I being an American have felt the hurt and pain of the country. Here in the face of my grand baby ,is the Future we have to build for, believe in . Let us go as one in love , and believe things can change. So HE can live in a prosperous world.
On this day the inauguration of our new President- Barack Obama . Let us reflect on this amazing and pivotal time in our nation and in our global history. May we be awed by the fact that our 44th president will pledge his oath of office on a bible that was last used in 1861 by another visionary: Abraham Lincoln.
Rosa Parks sat .....
So that Martin Luther King Jr. could march, Martin Luther King Jr. marched ............. So that Barack Obama could run............. Barack Obama ran .................... So that our children and future generations could ...........fly.
Thank you all.

It’s a great day in our country.