Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cycle of Life

The phases of the moon adorn the branches of the tree, which portray the seasons of the earth. If you look closely , the wintry branches are made with flashed glass. Flashed glass is a process where colored glass is introduced to molten glass and the two pieces meld and become one. Then the glass is masked off in the areas to keep the color, and the glass is sand blasted to reveal the white wintry branch.

Mosaic in the works

In my kitchen I wanted to bring light to this hidden corner under the cupboards. Intertwined with the swirling powerful glass are pieces of cut mirror to reflect the light of the day. Happy.

Elegant Glass Mosaic in Kitchen

An Elegant rich colorful glass mosaic, created and designed for this kitchen. Here I designed and cut each piece of glass , and then it was carefully installed to the back splash area of the kitchen.

Custom Glass Mosaic Kitchen

Designed and created this elegant custom glass mosaic back splash. Here you can see the time consuming work of the glass pieces carefully cut and placed to produce this beautiful back splash.

An American Dream

An American Dream , a brilliant golden field of grain being harvested. The American Flag, the church , the constitution. These are the things the client of this mural wanted me to convey to the viewer. A Proud Community. This is a mural painting size of 8'x15' located in a small
rural farming town in Michigan. Designed and painted by the artist. ( myself)

Passion Flower

Good Morning all, beautiful days where ever you are.
I would like to share more art with you. I have not gotten into the habit
of the painting a day as yet. Here is an older painting in my collection for you
to feast your eyes on. Isnt Art and creation a wonderful thing?